Velour is one of the softest and cuddly fabrics one can get. Velour is available in different variants and it may have different names. On this page, it's stretch velvet. It is a cotton fabric (typically 80%) slightly polyester and elastane. It has a pleated surface that is quite soft.

Stretch velor is primarily used for clothing but can also be used if you need to sew a new sofa cushion, for example.

Nice velour clothes

Velour is super delicious to sew clothes in. Use it for example to velour dresses, blouses and pants.

When sewing clothes, pay close attention: There is a visible difference between ups and downs when it comes to velor. The "right" path is when the hatch faces down. Try moving your hand up and down the fabric so you will clearly see the difference. The color and texture are different.

velor velvet

Velor velvet is a blend between velor and velvet. The velour velvet we have here on the website is a knitted velour velvet. It is really a stretch velor, but with the striped structure.