About us

The primary force in Juels.dk is me, Marianne Juel Vestergaard.

I love crazy, fun and beautiful prints you can't get everywhere. I love this job and you will be able to find me on the chat at all times of the day - If I have time I will reply, otherwise write an email - then I'll answer later 😘

I am responsible for customer service, purchasing, sales, and I am the coordinator for all the creative stuff in and around Juels.dk.

I get help from my husband, Bo, who is my nerdy side kick. Bo stands for website, finances and is a prized errand boy 😂

The mission with Juels.dk is to be able to offer a selection of, in particular, stretch fabrics that are in addition to the normal wholesale products. That is why we often offer fabrics from some of our colleagues from other countries who also design and produce their own fabrics.

The heart child is what we on the website call "Design by Juels". It's the big time (and budget!) robber. But I (we) can't help it!

We have found a GOTS certified factory that produces our beautiful prints. These prints can be by different designers - or it can just be a cool motif that we have not seen before. Common to all of them is that they are unique - and of high quality!

In addition to Bo and I, Juels.dk, is definitely helped by a lot of good friends from the sewing world - THANK YOU for helping and / or motivating in your own way! 🙏🏻