VALO Dress & Top, Named Patterns

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Mønsteret er beregnet til faste vævede stoffer af let eller medium kvalitet; viskose, bomuld, hør

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The Valo pattern includes two variations: a midi dress with an elastic waist and large patch pockets, and a relaxed fit topwith a gathered drawstring waist. Both variations have a distinctive heart-shaped yoke with a scoop neck to front and a V-neck to reverse. The dress hip seam is reinforced with a flat-felled seam, which gives it a lovely shape, and works as a subtle little detail. The dress features elegant half-sleeves whilst the top comes with perky short sleeves. You can also make the dress with short sleeves and a drawstring waist, and the top with half sleeves and an elasticated waist.

Recommended fabrics:
Choose a non-stretch, medium weight fabric. You can opt for a low drape fabric, like the linen blend in our samples, or amore drapey one, depending on the desired result. We recommend choosing a contrast color for the yoke, or using the wrong side of your fabric for contrast or cutting it cross-grain, if your fabric allows. 

linen blend fabrics, which can be used
with the right or wrong side out, and on the grain.

Materials & supplies:
Interfacing, 40 cm (½ yd)
Dress: 4 cm (1 5/8”) ribbon for cord casing,165 cm (2 yd)
Dress: 3 cm (1 1/8”) elastic, your waist circumference

2cm (3/4) ribbon for cord casing, 165 cm (2 yd)
Top: ribbon or cord for drawstring, your waist measurement + 70 cm (3/4 yd)